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lrmobile_Stevery 1/6/2013 | 10:55:59 PM
re: Dude, Where's My Avatar? This is an outrage!

I assume that LR intends to buy back our loyalty using beer at one of the LR events.
desiEngineer 1/6/2013 | 3:41:34 AM
re: Dude, Where's My Avatar? 2013 is the year of political correctness.-á Discriminating against users based on the numbers (and size?) of fruit assigned to them on some undisclosed rubric is demeaning and traumatic.-á "Holiday" trees and now this? :-(

mendyk 1/5/2013 | 3:23:57 PM
re: Dude, Where's My Avatar? All fruit products are banished under the 2013 austerity program. Avatars now conform to Witness Protection protocols. Larry has been released back into the wild (Central Park westside, around 100th St.) and is now rumored to be running six community sites for DeusM. Happy New Year, one and all.
t.bogataj 1/5/2013 | 10:25:00 AM
re: Dude, Where's My Avatar? I told you, Ray & Phil, you won't get away without restoring bananas. As if taking Monkey Bidness away wasn't enough, you had to sack Larry too. Now you took us the last remnant of their existence. I sense some anti-ape conspiracy here.

If this is is the first time ever that seven and I agree, I wander what others think. Do you want your bananas & cherries back or not?

brookseven 1/5/2013 | 2:42:40 AM
re: Dude, Where's My Avatar? Hey Mister Tally man! Tally me Bananas!

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