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desiEngineer 5/31/2013 | 10:34:33 PM
re: Cisco Preps Its Next Core Router: The 'CTR' Craig,

So is cisco double-counting when they say 1Tbps per slot (since you made it a point to mention ALU's capacity per slot)? I guess so, since cisco invented double-counting. And how would a system with 1Tbps per slot be an answer to 1.6Tbps per slot?

Full-service router or not? Any info on whether this core core router can support L3VPNs, L2VPNs, queuing, etc., or is it just a cisco version of PTX?

No 100Gbps ports initially? LOL. What kind of self-respecting core router comes out of the closet without 100Gbps ports? Even the CRS-3 has 100Gbps ports. I'd have thought cisco would have leapfrogged the competition with something better than that.

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