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nuker 7/13/2013 | 12:27:16 AM
re: Cable Wi-Fi on a Hot Streak I wonder which sites/facilities the MSOs will acquire to make this viable. Their current home/business service sites would not be enough to provide a useful footprint. Would they use utility companies or lease some sites of their own. Did they learn any useful lessons from Google trying (and arguably failing) to build a Public WiFi ?
Jpatton0007 7/12/2013 | 7:05:16 PM
re: Cable Wi-Fi on a Hot Streak Correct, 'challenging' is an understatement... the few MSO's we work with are deploying 1,000s of APs per month and escalating... but reaching a density and coverage that creates leverage for national lucrative multi-MNO offload deals is perhaps 18M away... however, that would perhaps dovetail nicely with Hotspot 2.0/NGH maturation... "build it and they will come"... we'll see if it works : )
gconnery 7/12/2013 | 5:41:31 PM
re: Cable Wi-Fi on a Hot Streak Agreed. My AT&T cell phone will login to AT&T Wi-Fi hotspots without any interaction at all. With Comcast I have to enter my Comcast login credentials, and again since most people use web-based email they probably don't even remember their Comcast login.

Personally my experience with Comcast Wi-Fi has been very spotty. Only seen it a few places and I've never successfully accessed the network. Generally just gets hung up trying to access the network.
DanJonesLRMobile 7/11/2013 | 6:02:25 PM
re: Cable Wi-Fi on a Hot Streak Yeah, that's a big problem.
campmisty 7/11/2013 | 4:47:39 PM
re: Cable Wi-Fi on a Hot Streak Just once would be too often. You might be suspicious if you saw Starbucks SSID and you aren't in a coffee shop. But since cable wifi is supposed to be pervasive, there's never a time when one can be sure if it's real or an evil twin. best to stay away.
DanJonesLRMobile 7/11/2013 | 2:47:20 PM
re: Cable Wi-Fi on a Hot Streak I wonder if anyone has ever quantified how many 'Evil Twin' attacks have happened on Wi-Fi, seems to the most popular 802.11 exploit.
campmisty 7/11/2013 | 12:45:42 PM
re: Cable Wi-Fi on a Hot Streak +1. The 'Evil Twin' attack is very real on cable wifi networks. Not only can your username and password be siphoned off, but *all* your data can be logged by a third party. I would never use it. This is a privacy disaster waiting to happen.
virtualCableTV 7/9/2013 | 12:24:52 AM
re: Cable Wi-Fi on a Hot Streak As the cord cutting phenomena persists the cable companies will continue to scale their broadband ISP services. I suspect once they establish pervasive wireless hotspot connectivity to "their" network using unregulated protocols such as Wi-Fi they will impose terms of use to hinder, obstruct or prevent OTT the same way they have prevented us from using services from our homes for "commercial" use which costs 5-6 times more for "permission" to do the same thing.
nuker 7/8/2013 | 11:45:03 PM
re: Cable Wi-Fi on a Hot Streak Users at home users typically switch to WiFi. For a roaming user to use offload by hopping onto another users's WiFi, the WiFi footprint has to be large enough for the mobile operator to pay. The business model still looks challenging.
FrankM 7/8/2013 | 10:22:29 PM
re: Cable Wi-Fi on a Hot Streak Do these cable companies allow you to create a new user & password on your account that only exists to use CableWiFi networks?

I would not want to enter my primary account information user/pass to access a network named "CableWiFi", which may or may not be an authentic access point.
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