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10/29/2013 | 3:45:14 PM
Domestic vs. International
Well, two months later, whatever outrage there was about domestic spying by the US government has been replaced by outrage about spying on our allies, like Germany and Spain.
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8/22/2013 | 8:59:57 AM
Big Dada
Help me out here -- If we're supposed to be outraged at the government for snooping into our personal communications, why are we extolling the virtues of big data and analytics?
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8/21/2013 | 4:26:41 PM
Press seems to not have paid attention to previous whistleblowers
I think it's a bit interesting how many in the press (not you, of course) seem to have not paid attention to previous statements by both AT&T and NSA whistleblowers. This part in the Journal story in particular caught my eye:
  • The programs, code-named Blarney, Fairview, Oakstar, Lithium and Stormbrew, among others, filter and gather information at major telecommunications companies. Blarney, for instance, was established with AT&T former officials say. AT&T declined to comment. This filtering takes place at more than a dozen locations at major Internet junctions in the U.S., officials say. Previously, any NSA filtering of this kind was largely believed to be happening near points where undersea or other foreign cables enter the country.

Except if the Journal had paid attention to claims by AT&T whistleblower Mark Klein back in 2007, they would have known that these interception points exist right there on the ISP network at their offices. I don't know anybody who was paying attention that claimed these interception points were solely "where undersea or other foreign cables enter the country."


While we shouldn't be surprised, we really should be angry.


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