RolfSperber 9/26/2013 | 10:11:00 AM
Re: SDN and NFV Ray, we are at a very early stage, but abstracting from both hardware (and in consequence IOS) layer and utilizing a common framework (see NSI WG in OGF) and at the same time allow for docking of virtalized network functions will work for multi vendor, multi carrier and multi domain. Still, its a long way to go!
[email protected] 9/26/2013 | 7:51:13 AM
Re: SDN and NFV Rolf

You say it is not restricted to a single domain, but is it applicable in networks that traverse multiple infrastructures run and managed by multiple network operators?
RolfSperber 9/25/2013 | 8:43:49 AM
Re: Is this another route in for NFV? Requirements in industry will not be so different from those in R&D. Looking at the plans in the context of Horizon 2020 Puplic Private Partnership is a target of European efforts. Taking into account the cost of infrastructure and the prevailing attitude to pay as little as possible for utilization of infrastructure, more sophisticated multiplexing methods, and this include NFV, are inevitable.

For network operators this scheme means significantly reduced time to market.
RolfSperber 9/25/2013 | 8:36:55 AM
SDN and NFV In this project we will be going a step further. Our plan is to create an environment that allows for creating a virtual network based on the requirements of either applications or  carrier provided network functionality. We will not be restricted to a single domain and connectivity, our target is a network created from building blocks out of a repository. These building blocks can be connectivity with certain quality parameters or virtualized network functions like e.g. firwall functionality, compression, encryption, accelleration.


Eddie_ 8/21/2013 | 3:00:47 PM
Re: Is this another route in for NFV? NFV simply scales better than HW based approaches (if NFV tests in September show good results).

A possible 2013 roadmap for the project:
  • fully SDN controlled network
  • 200GBit/s datapath
  • NFV in the data path 

a possible 2014 roadmap for the project:
  • scale up to a 1TBit/s data path

how else could you do that?





[email protected] 8/21/2013 | 1:01:52 PM
Is this another route in for NFV? Interesting that functions virtualization takes the place of appliances that are either too expensive to deploy or have not yet been created... is NFV going to help the R&D sector more than production network operatins in the early years?