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9/3/2013 | 2:12:43 AM
Re: Not all data is relevant
Phil, I agree with what you are saying (although it is on a different topic to the article).  In fact there are several uses for customer data, not the least of which are managing or optimizing the customer experience, improving operational efficiency and advertising/upsell (where the customer opts for this).  Each has different privacy considerations, and in each case the expected return obviously needs to significantly exceed the cost of storage/analysis.  I'll likely write more on that subject in an upcoming article . . .

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8/21/2013 | 11:15:08 AM
Not all data is relevant
While having "all" available data might seem like a good idea, there are files that a business simply doesn't need to store (e.g., the weekly company cafeteria menu). There are also times that people and businesses produce several copies of the same file.

Additionally, even as data and storage costs continue to drop, there are still physical (storage) and monetary (cost) considerations when deciding what data to store and how to store it.

Another issue is potential liability due to a data breach. So it's essential not to store personally identifiable information unless absolutely necessary (e.g., for billing).

All of the above should be considered as a company plans its data collection and retention strategy.
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8/21/2013 | 10:30:27 AM
Adverts ?
Is this the new editorial policy ?   "Columns" that are thinly disguised adverts ? They bring a perspective and some information but they should be labeled as such..   adverts.
[email protected],
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8/21/2013 | 9:01:14 AM
Could the Tier 1s make such a structural shift in time?
The oidea of a DataCo makes sense and there are signs thattehy are looking at moving towards different modls with shared infrastructure.... but by the time they eget there will it be too late? Isn't there a need for urgency here?

I fear that some will still be voting on what to do as their ships sink...

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