sam masud 8/26/2013 | 8:51:31 AM
Re: Elaboration, please Hope the knee is much better. Yes, I too thought that it might be to see if there was interference from adjacent channels. Thanks!
DOShea 8/23/2013 | 4:48:32 PM
Re: Elaboration, please Apologies for the late reply--bad knee kept me off the message boards this week... Sprint said testing it alongside live traffic prove to them it could co-exist with adjacent channels carrying 100G and 40G traffic.
sam masud 8/19/2013 | 1:31:23 PM
Elaboration, please Is there any particular significance to fact that the 400G trial took place alongside the live network traffic? More elaboration on that would be appreciated.
flyboy26 8/18/2013 | 7:25:36 PM
Re: Fiber upgrade required? In general, operators will not have to upgrade their fiber to take advantage of increases in data rate. Today's optical modems have the ability to compensate for many of the fiber impariments that were limiting in the past. While it remains true that certain fiber types are better than others when it comes to maximizing the performance of DWDM systems, all of them can support the higher rates in some fashion.
IPGambit 8/16/2013 | 6:47:37 PM
Network Economics It would be valuable to understand the network economics and cross over point from 100gbps to 400gbps technologies. Nice work.
kaop 8/16/2013 | 6:27:42 PM
Fiber upgrade required? Dan, Do you know if there is a need to upgrade fiber infrastructure in order to take advantage of 400G or 1T in the future?  Thanks!