Video: Boosting Customer Experience
LStevens 7/13/2016 | 1:20:55 PM
Re: Video: Boosting Customer Experience I wonder if the satisfaction gap on content availability and value is due to more 'skinny' or ' a la carte' offerings as opposed to 'thick' or 'fat' bundles.

I know that of the "140" channels I am offered by my local MSO, I am really only interested in 6-12 of them.  The OTT offerings tend to be narrower, but I feel that I am paying for what I want.  With traditional services, I may pay the same, but I feel as if I am paying not only for what I want, but also for what I DO NOT want.

In the first case (OTT), I feel I am treated fairly.  In the second (traditional), I feel as if I am getting abused (not liking 90% of what I am 'given').....


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