SBC on Lightspeed: Full Fiber Ahead
rjs 12/5/2012 | 2:55:31 AM
re: SBC on Lightspeed: Full Fiber Ahead So does xPON require the Fiber to be laid to the home?

If yes, then the next question is how much of an
installed base already exists (infrastructure) that xPON warrants such reverence over P2P fiber?

It seems that the only issue seems to the physical deployment of fiber .... which xPON requires in any event.

Is it the cost of a 1Gbps p2p transceiver? Or, is it that we have about 1.5M xPON deployment and we
want to protect this "HUGE" base of "xPON infrastructure?"

In P2P fiber, there will be no power issues -- one end powered by my notebook, the other end in the CO.
I just want to know why we can't go with simple solutions. It is quite obvious that there is much more to it than just technology.

To keep the playing field level, we are assuming fiber deployment to be a requirement (xPON would need fiber deployment)


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