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Teem Sells Splitter Line

MILLERSVILLE, Md. -- Teem Photonics S.A. of Grenoble, France and Gould Technology, L.L.C. headquartered in Millersville, Maryland, USA today announced the closing of the sale of the PLC power splitter module product line to Gould Technology. The transaction includes an agreement in which Gould Technology can use Teem Photonics ion exchange waveguide splitter chips inside the PLC splitter modules.

The PLC power splitter product line is differentiated by extremely low insertion loss and polarization dependent loss as well as its high port-to-port uniformity. These differentiations are realized based on the characteristics of the Teem Photonics ion exchange waveguides and the excellent repeatability achieved by the automated packaging technology being acquired by Gould Technology.

“We see this acquisition as bringing significant value to our customers,” Gould Technology president John T. Phillips stated. “They rely on us for state-of-the-art solutions in passive optical components and subsystems made by either fused biconically tapered couplers or planar lightwave splitters. This acquisition further enhances our advantages in capacity, reliability, cost, performance, and flexibility.”

"The divestiture enables us to focus management attention, sales resources and R&D on our core activities,” stated Teem Photonics CEO Antoine Kevorkian. “We can concentrate more on our front end expertise in ion exchange waveguides, where we have demonstrated industry leadership. Moreover, we can concentrate our packaging activities more specifically on our passively Q-switched microlaser business, which provides our greatest growth opportunity.”

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