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Poll: Cisco's Next Move?

With back in a buying mood, security startups seem its likely targets -- according to the latest Light Reading poll, which asks readers to forecast Cisco's next buy (see Cisco M&A).

As of midday today, half of the 66 respondents say Cisco's next purchase is "very likely" to fall in that category. Just to add some controversy, another 29 percent say it's "not likely."

The remaining 21 percent are "not sure."

The Cisco buyout machine has been particularly busy for the past couple of months, tapping some esoteric, unknown, and possibly Cisco-sponsored startups (see Cisco Sniffs Out NetSift and Cisco Buys Startup for $1.2M per Employee). So, besides security, where might Cisco look next? Here's where the results get blurrier.

Don't like the results? Chime in here; the poll closes Monday, July 11.

Or, if you'd like to expound on what "Other" might mean, enlighten us on this article's message board.

— Craig Matsumoto, Senior Editor, Light Reading

Pete Baldwin 12/5/2012 | 3:08:26 AM
re: Poll: Cisco's Next Move? Apparently people didn't like the poll results ...

One day later, "Other" is getting squashed by "Softswitches," and the majority says Cisco's next purchase will not be a security startup. The masses have spoken.
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