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SlideshowIs the Sprint & T-Mobile Merger Too Risky?

brooks7 6/26/2018 | 12:02:46 PM
Re: AT&T/Time Warner Could Set the Stage @kq4ym,

Turns out that we have forced people to deploy networks in the past.  It was the phone network and was required by law to be available to everyone at a reasonable price.  To support places that require very high costs, we came up with the Universal Service Fund.

If we want Universal Broadband Access, then we need to make it a policy priority (instead of say Net Neutrality).  We would need to rethink the way we regulate the Broadband Market as we would likely end up with a single provider who had a limited ability to charge (at least for residential service).  We have tried to solve this problem with competition for about 20 years with limited success.  The reason is that the more entrants mean that there is less market share for each entrant, making ROIs less.  It is a place where competition breaks down.


Phil_Britt 6/26/2018 | 10:05:24 AM
Re: AT&T/Time Warner Could Set the Stage It's getting to be more and more like the movie "Network," with fewer and fewer corporate conglomerates controlling everything.
kq4ym 6/26/2018 | 10:03:29 AM
Re: AT&T/Time Warner Could Set the Stage The gates have seemingly opened for more of the same in coming years. While "The FCC's number-one priority is to close the digital divide and encourage deployment of advanced telecom capabilities," one might wonder how precisely the regulators decisions might actually result in the predicted outcomes.
Phil_Britt 6/14/2018 | 6:37:52 PM
AT&T/Time Warner Could Set the Stage With the government losing the AT&T/Time Warner decision, it might be more reluctant to get in the way of T-Mobile/Sprint.
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