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Meet the Acronym Hunter

Note to readers: The last appearance by an Aussie on these pages provoked no response whatsoever (see What Price Perfection, Mate?). So, we're bringing him back. In an occasional feature "The Acronym Hunter" will wade through the jargon jungle, making industry-speak so easy even the flaming poms can understand it. Readers may also find this page useful when reading this article.

G'day mates!

Acronym hunter's me name, jargon's me game. Out here, you gotta have yer wits about ya or you can end up thigh-deep in marketing BS. But stick with me, cobbers, I'll steer ya right.

Hey look! Up ahead in that clearing, it looks like we've found our first specimen -- and it's a little beauty!

Yep, the first example that I got me hands on is a PMG. Nah, its not that thing that puts yer Sheila off her shrimp once a month. It's a Personal Mobile Gateway -- a wireless box that links together all the other wireless widgets you have in your dilly bag and connects them to a cellular network or to the information superbitumen.

Fair dinkum!

Now, I haven't seen many of these little critters in the wild yet, but they're basically personal routers -- often shaped like a cellphone! -- that let ya access voice and data services simultaneously across a whole herd of different devices! (As long as a lion doesn't bring down the weakest of 'em wot spent too long lingering near a watering hole, eh?!).

A lot of the companies working on the software and hardware behind PMGs -- like IXI Mobile Inc., Samsung Corp. -- are using Bluetooth (1-Mbit/s over 2.4GHz, 30-foot range) to link the little bastards up! But mark my words, Bruce, there's no reason why they couldn't use 802.11b (11-Mbit/s over 2.4Ghz, 300-foot range) or another short-range wireless technology in the future. Bloody oath, mate, she'll be right!

Anyway, I hope that explains PMG to you, I'm off to crack a tinny -- I'm dry as a dead dingo's donger!


Till next time, mates...

Next time with Acronym Hunter: How to look good in knee-length khaki shorts and ankle socks.

lrmobile_millomar 12/5/2012 | 12:04:58 AM
re: Meet the Acronym Hunter A lion! At a waterhole! You must be at the Western Plains Zoo near Dubbo. Are you sure it wasn't a dingo? Of course you know Liz's advice to Chuck when he was visiting Dubbo? "Wear the fox hat."
A personal router shaped like a cell phone? My sheila's got one of those.
Off to crack some Green Death. My throat's as dry as a Pommy's towel... At least the dingo's donger started off wet.
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