Media Kit - Sponsorship Specifications

Click on the text link for an item to view it's specifications. to view an example of the ad unit or sponsorship, click on the image link.

For further information/clarification, you may always obtain any of the items displayed below by making a request to [email protected]. Responses will be made within 24 hours.

For sales information, contact [email protected].


Ad Item Dimensions Lead Time
(business days)
Leaderboard Banner 728x90 + 320x100 (mobile) 2
Super Leaderboard Banner 970x90 + 728x90 (tablet) + 320x100 (mobile) 2
IMU 1 & IMU 2 300x250 2
News Queue Ad 320x50 2
Skyscraper 160x600 2
Homepage Takeover 728x90, 300x250, Wallpaper Ad 5
Wallpaper Ad (Book Ends) Two vertical style ads shown to the right and left of main content

1206x890, 1206x925, 1206x1145, 1326x890, 1326x1020
91 pixels wide (on each right and left side) for 1206x890,1206x925, 1206x1145
151 pixels wide (on each right and left side) for 1326x890, 1326x1020
Center space transparent, 24-bit PNG
Welcome Ad Interstitial type ad. A Full Page Ad shown before a visitor is redirected to the first regular site page.
640x480, 320x240 (mobile)
White Paper Postings as direct download or lead generation type Max Downloads= 3
Lead-Gen= 5
Video Syndication Posting of client video 5
Subcategory Sponsorship 728x90, 300x250, Company Logo, Education Resource Box (Minimum 2 assets / Max 4 assets) 5


Name Description / Schedule Lead Time
(business days)
Light Reading Daily HTML Newsletter. Sent Monday through Friday. 5
Light Reading Weekly HTML Newsletter. Sent Thursdays. 5
Light Reading's Service Provider IT Newsletter HTML Newsletter. Sent Wednesdays. 5
Light Reading Europe E-Newsletter HTML Newsletter. Sent weekly on Thursdays. 5
Light Reading Asia E-Newsletter HTML Newsletter. Sent weekly on Wednesdays. 5
Light Reading Cable Daily HTML Newsletter. Sent Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. 5
Light Reading Mobile Daily HTML Newsletter. Sent Monday through Friday. 3
Light Reading Mobile Weekly HTML Newsletter. Sent Tuesdays. 5
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