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McLean Follows Manic

Trapeze Networks Inc.'s product marketing manager Michelle McLean is following former colleague Bike Manic to a new job at Peribit Networks Inc., which makes bandwidth optimization "stuff."

McLean sent out an email this morning detailing her move to pastures new: "It was hard to leave Trapeze -- wireless is such a dynamic space right now -- but I'm looking forward to be working with the strong team here at Peribit."

There have been several changes in management and marketing at Trapeze since the firm announced layoffs in what appeared to be a bid to cut its spending (see Trapeze's Wireless Wobbles).

There's no word yet on whether McLean will be able to cycle to her new job (see On Yer Bike, Manic! for an explanation of this convoluted insider joke).

In addition to Trapeze, McLean's resume also includes Pluris, a terabit router startup that went out of business.

— Dan Jones, Site Editor, Unstrung

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