MCI Partners with MSOs on Business Services

MCI inked deals with MSOs Charter, Cox Communications and Time Warner Cable to add cable modem connections to its portfolio of broadband services for business customers. By adding cable access to its existing DSL offerings, MCI says it can reach 90 percent of all U.S. business locations with broadband services capable of at least 768 kpbs downstream and 256 kbps upstream. MCI says its cable Internet service is targeted at businesses like retailers, service companies and other organizations with multiple locations, requiring cost effective, broadband connectivity, as well as home-based teleworkers. Across all its access solutions, MCI offers IP VPN Broadband, a managed security solution that encrypts the traffic between remote locations and corporate headquarters. It's great to see MSOs willing to attack the business market through a national cable resale partner, and the deal offers a small taste of what is ultimately possible for cable in the commercial services category. Telcos beware. Back in November, CableLabs, the industry's R&D arm, issued a formal request for information (RFI) for Integrated DOCSIS Access Device (IDAD) equipment. The idea is to create devices that could leverage DOCSIS cable modem links to provide standard telecom client interfaces to commercial customers, including T-1s. By offering cable operators an easy way to deliver T-1 services to businesses over DOCSIS, IDAD could provide MSOs with a low-cost, lethal weapon in the commercial services market.
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