Master of Low-Ball

5:00 PM -- 'Tother day on the Obnoxious Blowhard Show (not to be confused with Hardball with Mister Shouty), MSNBC News Live anchor Lisa Daniels put forth an intriguing hypothesis. It went a little something like this:

People in New Orleans – especially "white folks still in the [French] Quarter" – "are not blaming President Bush," because "they like this guy." Instead, "they're blaming New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin. But they are not blaming [Bush]. They think he cares."

Yup, all those analysts predicting political fallout for the Clueless One? They're just forgetting the "likeability factor." Like, duh, guys.

Plus, since "there are such low expectations" now, Bush is "actually going to do better." (In other words: He could hardly do worse.)

In short, Hurricane Katrina was "the perfect storm for him" and is "actually going to work to his advantage," ending in "a win for President Bush."

Around this point, the Blowhard interjects: "They've lowballed it! Brilliantly!"

And Daniels responds: "And that's exactly what President Bush does best."

Well, you got that right.

Wanna watch the video? Just click on the creepy-lookin' newsbabe.

— Red Panda, Expectorator, Light Reading

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