Made-Up Vampires

NOON -- From The Philter's Totally Not Telecom-Related Entertainment Scoop file, I'm passing along the clip below, which shows theater director Joel "not Will" Ferrell being extensively made up so he can creep around rural Texas, scaring people and picking fights with vampires.

The rubber-faced Ferrell has been bitten by the acting bug and stars in a movie called Night Crawlers. Joining him is Joey Greco, host of Cheaters, who also plays a vampire in the movie.

A source, who is not Joey Greco, tells me the flick's directed by Benjamin Wilbanks, with Deadmen brothers Ron and Mike Gonzalez directing photography and sound, respectively. The movie's in production now and will soon make its way to a theater near you.

Well, probably a theater near me, but still…

— Phil Harvey, Flix Editor, Light Reading

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