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5:35 PM –- From The Philter's Hollywood DeathWatch file, a new survey from AOL Inc. (NYSE: AOL) and the AP (that's Associated Press, not to be confused with A&P), claims that online video and user-generated content isn't made for TV:

One in ten online video users say that now that they can watch video online, they watch less television. Eighty-seven percent of online video viewers say their television viewing habits remain unchanged by the proliferation of online video.

That's not surprising, really. If you've spent any time at all looking at made-for-online programming… Actually, there's no reason to continue that sentence. Of course you haven't. It all sucks.

But here's the weird thing: Online video will make it to the living room even if most of it continues to be lame (and it will). It hasn't changed anyone's TV viewing habits now, because people still like to put their feet up.

If online video content is to be taken seriously, someone needs to deliver it to America in a way that's easy to consume while holding a bag of Fritos on your lap and supping a frosty beverage. As a nation, we like to eat. Not type. Back to the AOL survey:

More than half (54 percent) of online video viewers prefer to watch their videos on their computer monitor, while 37 percent say they would rather watch online videos on a television connected to their computer.

So Hollywood's got nothing to worry about yet -- online video is still the stuff of trade rags and tech conferences. But someday, folks will watch online video right alongside their made-for-TV programming. If the TV business has taught the Internet industry anything, it's that you don't need content to succeed.

— Phil Harvey, Ottoman Empire Editor, Light Reading

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