Mad for Ads

5:30 PM -- After yesterday's Interactive Advertising Bureau's Leadership Forum in New York, today's news from Contentinople is bursting with advertising fun:
  • Targeted ads were the new hip thing at this year's IAB Leadership Forum, at least according to execs from advertising agencies Starcom MediaVest Group and Carat Ltd.

  • Also at the IAB Forum, Steve Donohue reports that advertisers are backing off and giving consumers some space. Suave and Sprint are using their new Web series, In The Motherhood, to advertise more gently.

  • The IAB issues new guidelines for in-stream digital video advertisements, and the crowd at the IAB Forum goes wild.

  • This guy is raking in the bucks for NBC Universal online, Donohue reports. NBC can charge a higher CPM for interactive Web programming tied to programs like Chuck and Heroes than on the network itself because the ads are exclusive.

  • Paul Sagan, CEO of Akamai, the No. 1 global powerhouse in digital content distribution, explains the company's relatively low number of net adds and tells reporter Ryan Lawler why he'd rather be IBM than Radioshack.

For more, check out today's News Bits, in which Microsoft prepares to open a Zune store, blinkx launches Advanced Media Platform, and America loves Gossip Girl.

— The Staff, Contentinople

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