Lynx Adds to Switch Suite

CALABASAS, Calif. -- Lynx Photonic Networks (www.LynxPN.com) developer of patented planar waveguide photonic switches and sub-systems, is announcing the second member of their dynamically-controllable nanosecond class switch family. The Packet.8x8ä has 8 input ports and 8 output ports, a switching time of less than 5 nanoseconds, and features strictly non-blocking operation.

This ultra-fast, dynamically controllable, intelligent switch enables virtual port expansion of previously limited high-speed communications systems, such as 10 Gigabit Ethernet switches, high-speed routers and OC-192 SONET multiplexers. These applications are accomplished by overcoming the bandwidth and data rate limitations of the existing backplanes of such systems. One application example would be the creation of multi-terabit router systems through the inter-connection of 8 or more terabit routers (see diagram below). Other application examples include inter- and intra-shelf connectivity, storage area network (SAN) switching, and in the future, all-optical frame and packet switching.

"Lynx continues to extend the functionality and capacity of a broad range of legacy high-speed communications systems with the creation of this increased port-count Packet.8x8 'virtual optical backplane' (VOB)", commented Michael Leigh, Lynx President and co-founder, on this new industry breakthrough. "The VOB inter-connection can extend the useful life of some very expensive product development initiatives of the past 5 years. Longer-term, the Packet.8x8 can be the cornerstone of all-optical packet switching systems of the future."

Lynx Photonic Networks
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