Lumenon Showcases CWDM Widgets

ST-LAURENT, Quebec -- Lumenon Innovative Lightwave Technology, Inc. (NASDAQ NM: LUMM) will be showcasing its Coarse Wave Division Multiplexing (CWDM) 1.55 and 1.31 micrometer packaged components as part of a larger portfolio of photonic components at the Optical Fiber Communications Conference (OFC) in Anaheim, CA, from March 17 –22. CWDM provides cost-effective expansion of bandwidth in Metro/Access communications networks, and Lumenon’s CWDM devices are well suited for Ethernet-based short- and medium-haul applications. In addition, CWDM allows the use of non-temperature controlled lasers, providing potentially significant savings to service providers.

These advantages combine to strike a balance between price and performance for multiplexing and demultiplexing in Metro/Access networks. Lumenon’s adaptive manufacturing process (PHASIC™) can deliver high-performance CWDM devices in high volumes. Lumenon’s CWDM components are currently available in 4 and 8 channel configurations with 20 or 24.5-nm channel spacing.

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