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Podcast: The Divide – David Gilford on local priorities for federal broadband funds

This week, David Gilford, co-founder of the Broadband Equity Partnership, on what local government and nonprofit broadband leaders need from a national broadband stimulus.

Podcast: The Divide – Scott Willis and Bruce Garrison on the 'collective ecosystem' required to reach the underserved

This week, Scott Willis, CEO of DartPoints; and Bruce Garrison, chief revenue officer of Bluebird Network, on their connectivity work in rural Iowa and the collaboration required to tackle the digital divide.

How Plume's WorkPass can bring smart connectivity to SMBs

On this sponsored edition of the Light Reading podcast, we chat with Tyson Marian, Plume's chief commercial officer, about the company's new product, WorkPass.

Podcast: Microsoft Azure's Khalidi curates carrier clouds

Yousef Khalidi discusses the economic benefits operators can experience by partnering with a cloud provider.

Podcast: The Divide – Fiber Broadband Association's Gary Bolton on the 'good news, good news' for fiber

This week, Gary Bolton, CEO, Fiber Broadband Association, joins the show to discuss why the US needs to put fiber first, why satellite broadband could be a 'disaster' for communities and more.

Podcast: Six questions about 6G

Light Reading's Mike Dano says there are at least two big improvements coming with 6G.

Simplifying fiber networks with end-to-end cloud management

Adtran's CTO, Ryan McCowan, discusses the benefits of Mosaic One, a network and services optimization platform purpose-built to reduce subscriber churn.

Podcast: The NFL's TV deals gave streaming platforms legitimacy, longevity

Light Reading's Alan Breznick ponders whether the NFL's $110 billion deal with streaming video services means the end is nigh for traditional pay-TV bundles.

Podcast: MetTel's Ed Fox on extending enterprise IT to home networks

MetTel CTO Ed Fox discusses how the service providers' customers are balancing the use of collaboration applications, SD-WAN, VPNs and SASE to support their employees working on-premises and remotely.

Podcast – The Divide: Blair Levin and Clint Odom on digital equity and inclusion

This week, Blair Levin, former FCC official, and Clint Odom, SVP of policy and advocacy at the National Urban League, join the show to discuss the Lewis Latimer Plan for Digital Equity and Inclusion.

Podcast – The Divide: Ribbon's Bruce McClelland on economics and politics of rural broadband

Bruce McClelland, CEO of Ribbon Communications, joins the show to discuss the challenging economics around building out broadband in hard-to-reach areas, and takeaways from his recent conversations with lawmakers on rural broadband policy.

Podcast: Which DOCSIS are we on anyway?

Alan Breznick joins the podcast to discuss which topics will be covered during the Cable Next-Gen event and provide insight into challenges and business opportunities facing the cable industry.

5G is here, now what?

After making videos about 5G all over the world, video producer Tien Fu found out he has a 5G phone and has great coverage everywhere he goes – there’s just one problem: He doesn’t know what to do with it.

Podcast – The Divide: Upstream's Kostas Kastanis on offering 'free' Internet in Africa

This week, Kostas Kastanis, deputy CEO of Upstream, joins the show to discuss the digital divide in Africa and Upstream's ad-supported service Zero-D which enables free Internet access for millions of mobile users in emerging markets.

Heavy Reading's Gabriel Brown on 5G's next wave

The symposium will be moderated by Brown, along with Jim Hodges, chief analyst, Heavy Reading, and it will feature speakers from Swisscom, Anritsu, Red Hat, 5G Americas, Telus and more.

Podcast: MNJ's COO on SD-WAN and MPLS market trends

Tune in to the podcast to hear from MNJ's COO Ben Niernberg on how the SD-WAN market is evolving, and how COVID-19 is impacting customer demand for unified communications services.

Podcast – The Divide: WISPA's Claude Aiken on tech-neutral solutions

This week, Claude Aiken, president and CEO of WISPA, on the role of small providers in closing the digital divide and why solutions and policies need to be tech neutral.

Podcast: Low-latency broadband powers a Michigan music masterclass

The Light Reading podcast welcomes Dan Kurin, tech coordinator at Factory Two, and Brandon Corder, CEO of Beats x Beers, to discuss an upcoming experiment with low-latency broadband in Flint, Michigan.

Podcast: What's the story with the C-band auction?

On this episode, Mike Dano gets into the significance of the FCC's $81 billion C-band spectrum auction and what the forthcoming results will mean for operators' 5G plans.

Podcast: Can live sports save pay-TV?

Light Reading's Jeff Baumgartner discusses new streaming services such as Paramount+, whether live sports can keep pay-TV alive, and what other features are keeping pay-TV subscribers from cutting the cord.

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