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10G, FARMSIS and the future of cable broadband

Phil McKinney, president and CEO of CableLabs, joins the Light Reading podcast to discuss where the cable industry is on the path to 10G and how CableLabs is stoking interest and innovation with its 10G Challenge.

NTT Security's Greg Garten on cleaning up 'dirty networks'

Garten says there's a misconception in the industry that traditional approaches to security can be applied easily to the cloud.

Ciena's Gina Nienaber on IP/optical convergence

Gina Nienaber explains service providers' priorities for IP/optical convergence, and she shares insights from a recent Heavy Reading survey on the topic.

Omdia's Andreas Olah on IoT and edge services for 5G

Andreas Olah explains how service providers can deliver AR/VR, edge computing, IoT and intelligent automation capabilities as-a-service to enterprise customers, and how both parties can benefit from the as-a-service delivery model.

Verizon Frontline and THOR tap 5G for disaster response

Verizon Frontline tackles first responder challenges with a prototype response vehicle that operates on a 5G network.

What's the story? Astound and Atlantic Broadband rebrand

Jeff Baumgartner explains what the rebranding of two cable companies means for the customers and markets they serve.

Omdia's Pablo Tomasi: Why 2022 won't be the year of 5G private networks

The industry will have to resolve itself to the idea that 2022 isn't the year of 5G for private networks, says Omdia Analyst Pablo Tomasi.

Windstream's Mike Frane forecasts enterprise networking and security trends for 2022

Returning guest Mike Frane discusses the top-of-mind trends for enterprises this year around securely connecting the distributed workforce.

What's the story? 5G networks on C-band spectrum stalled

Mike Dano discusses the latest developments in Verizon and AT&T's efforts to deploy 5G networks on the C-band spectrum, and why those efforts have been mired in delays.

What's the story? Streaming TV providers seek market stability

Light Reading's Jeff Baumgartner explains the challenges that streaming TV providers face in keeping subscribers while achieving profitability.

NTT's Bruce Snell on 'wide sweeping ramifications' of Log4j vulnerability

Snell covers some of the biggest cybersecurity trends of 2021 and has advice for how organizations can better manage and secure their data.

Lumen's Mark Dehus tracks DDoS threats

Mark Dehus shares highlights from Lumen's Q3 DDoS report, why voice and VoIP services were heavily targeted and his predictions for DDoS trends in Q4.

Juniper jumps on O-RAN bandwagon

Jai Thattil joins the podcast to discuss Juniper's efforts to develop RIC technology, and why partnerships with Intel and Rakuten are key to Juniper's open RAN vision.

MetTel CTO Ed Fox on clearing up confusion around SASE

Ed Fox explains how MetTel's own approach to SASE has evolved and which components are key to any SASE service, such as Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA). In addition, Fox shares how the service provider is working with customers making the shift from copper wire networks to fiber, cellular and VOIP networks.

The Divide: FBA's Gary Bolton on taking fiber advocacy to the states

This week: Gary Bolton, president of the Fiber Broadband Association, returns to the podcast to discuss how the fiber industry's advocacy efforts are changing as the US implements its $65 billion broadband bill. We also discuss FBA's forthcoming fiber optic technician training program.

Omdia's Rik Turner on cloud permissions management

During the podcast, Turner discusses how CPM addresses issues such as permission sprawl and orphan accounts, and how organizations can take a more proactive approach to managed cloud access permissions.

What's the story? Cable Next-Gen Business Services Digital Symposium

At this event, attendees will hear from cable experts about how cablecos can bounce back from the economic earthquake caused by COVID-19, how to handle co-opetition with cloud providers, and which platforms and technologies cable companies are banking on in the mobile services space.

What's the story? The $22 billion Andromeda spectrum auction

On this episode, we talk with Light Reading's Mike Dano about all things spectrum auctions, including the 'Andromeda' auction, which just wrapped up with $22 billion in bids. We also get into broadband mapping and how spectrum could be used to tackle the digital divide.

What's the Story?: Altice USA flip flops on fiber

Light Reading's Alan Breznick explains why Altice USA did a 180 on its broadband growth strategy.

Omdia's Nicole McCormick: How to really sell 5G to consumers

Omdia analyst Nicole McCormick joins the podcast this week to discuss her latest research on 5G pricing and what seems to be catching on with consumers.

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