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The Divide: Ready's Scott Woods on what NTIA got right and wrong with BEAD

Scott Woods, VP of community engagement at Ready, and a former NTIA official, joins the podcast to discuss the federal government's broadband grants and how Ready is helping ISPs prepare for funding opportunities.

Cisco's Jonathan Davidson: Working globally to connect more people

Cisco EVP talks about the projects aimed at reducing the digital divide and how private 5G-as-a-service could help.

Podcast: Cisco's Masum Mir on the reality and hype of the metaverse

In this podcast, Masum Mir, VP and GM of engineering at Cisco, discusses changes on the horizon for networks and network security to support the so-called metaverse, and how Cisco's relationship with the cable industry is evolving.

5G Americas on mile markers for 5G and the digital divide

5G Americas' Chris Pearson provides an update on the global state of 5G and what's making a difference in lessening the digital divide.

What's the story? All roads lead to 10G

The Cable Next-Gen Europe Digital Symposium will explore how European cable operators and their American counterparts are taking different approaches to reaching 10G.

Orange brings SD-WAN and AI to evolution of enterprise IT

Orange Business Services executives discuss the SD-WAN deployment to nearly 1,200 Siemens sites plus the launch of Service Manage-Watch.

The five keys to unlocking Internet equity

University of Chicago's Nick Feamster shares his team's work on mapping the digital divide with the Internet Equity Initiative.

Career assist: The evolution of the mentor/sponsor relationship

Experts from T-Mobile and Verizon share how relationships with mentors, sponsors and coaches evolve over the course of a career.

Nextlink plugs the power of 6GHz for fixed wireless access

In this podcast, Claude Aiken, the new chief strategy officer and chief legal officer of Nextlink Internet, discusses the company trial of gigabit-class fixed wireless speeds over the 6GHz band. Aiken also offers an important update on how the regulatory landscape is shaping up in the band.

IndyCar and NTT take predictive analytics to the speedway

Bennett Indart, VP of SMART world solutions for NTT, and IndyCar's SJ Luedtke join the podcast to explain what it takes from a network standpoint to collect and analyze the data produced during the race.

Overcoming the credibility conundrum

Executives from AT&T, MetTel and Boingo on accessing leadership and education programs, speaking up and taking credit for success, and identifying allies.

The 150-year march toward gender parity in telecom

Ericsson's Ciricia Proulx and Rogers' Tess Van Thielen weave statistics and real-world examples into the conversation to explain why there's still a long road ahead to achieve gender and diversity parity in business.

5G Open Innovation Lab links enterprises to new business benefactors

The Lab is facilitating research and development of a number of 5G use cases around smart farming, AR for healthcare, mmWave and private networks and manufacturing.

US Ignite's Silbey: Wireless testbed research can help smash tech silos

US Ignite's Mari Silbey discusses how public-private partnerships can help with some big 5G issues, like resolving the technical challenges in open RAN networks and feeding better network data sets to AI and machine learning engines.

The Cable Center CEO on how the industry must innovate from within to drive change

In this podcast, Diane Christman, new CEO of The Cable Center, digs into the genesis, purpose and takeaways of the organization's first annual 'Intrapreneurship & Innovation Report,' and offers a look ahead to this year's Cable Hall of Fame event in New York.

What's the Story? Dish Network's unwavering optimism for 5G

Mike Dano explains analysts' reactions to Dish's business projections, and what Dish has planned for the retail space and for private wireless for enterprise customers.

IQ Fiber's CTO talks about the startup's fiber foray in Florida

In this podcast, new IQ Fiber CTO Aamer Abbasi digs into the greenfield opportunities the startup is pursuing in northeast Florida, thoughts about future multi-gig services and how government stimulus funding might fit into IQ Fiber's future game plan.

Omdia's Pablo Tomasi: A cautionary tale about private 5G networks

Tomasi shares where service providers and enterprises are finding success in the private network market, and why private network players should be careful about the partners they choose.

What's the Story? Dano's deep dive on mobile service pricing

Mike Dano explains why some service providers are increasing the price of mobile and fixed wireless services while others are announcing new deals for consumers, and what this means for the broader industry.

What's the Story? Elon Musk's mixed motives for buying Twitter

Iain Morris explains Elon Musk's potential motives behind purchasing Twitter, what it might look like if he goes through with taking ownership of the social media outlet, and what impact that could have on Twitter's future revenues and profits.

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