LR Mobile's Black Friday Re-Gifting Guide

The holidays are upon us once again, so to celebrate Black Friday Light Reading Mobile has put together a list of mobile gifts that, upon receiving, you should quickly re-wrap and find another unwilling recipient for as soon as possible, lest your cool factor drop with the winter temperatures.

Microsoft Kin
We really pity you if you end up with one of these lonely social networking turkeys from Microsoft Corp. (Nasdaq: MSFT), although they're probably already kind of rare so might at least have some potential value as a future collector's item. Microsoft designed these phones, which are shaped a bit like a bar of soap, as Facebook-friendly gizmos for teens and launched them exclusively through Verizon Wireless with a concentrated barrage of TV advertising in April. The idea of Microsoft as a hip mobile provider, however, didn't wash with the kids and Verizon pulled the phones in the summer. Verizon has just relaunched the Kin Two with updated software, however, so teens have another chance to get saddled with the Zune of the mobile world. (See Microsoft Has Two New Kin.)

Maylong M-150 Tablet
This $99 Android tablet sold by Walgreens proves that you get what pay for. For a hundred bucks you probably weren't expecting an iPad but reviews suggest that the M-150 is perhaps most useful as a doorstop. One ZDNet reviewer branded the Maylong as "an awful piece of junk." Ouch!

A $10 Ovi Store Gift Card
Turn those "ho, ho, hos" to "no, no, nos" with a little Finnish stocking filler. A $10 Nokia Ovi store gift voucher is about as welcome as raw salted Powan at many mobile user's tables. The iTunes rival for Nokia handsets had a difficult birth in 2009 thanks to server troubles, was relaunched in January 2010 and is now once again hitting volume problems as the rate of downloads increases. Oh well, at least you can get "Angry Birds" now. (See OS Watch: Developers Rally for Symbian .) [Ed. note: The only gift that could be worse is a $50 Ovi store gift card. Just sayin'.] Palm Pre 2
From the king of the handhelds to the red-headed stepchild of wireless, PDA pioneer Palm has been on a long, slow descent for years now. Even HP Inc. (NYSE: HPQ)'s $1.2 billion buyout of the company doesn't seem to reversed its fortunes. In particular, potential users seem unimpressed with the Palm Pre 2. Hey, not all sequels are winners. (See HP to Buy Palm for $1.2B and Palm Plots Beyond Phones.)

Thanksgiving Turkey Calls
This Android app is actually free but the developer should pay you to download such garbage. The blurb says that the app allows your Droid to simulate "over ten real and unique turkey calls" and gives "a detailed description of when a turkey would make the noise." Developer ExcellTech says that the app is educational, can be used by hunters, and "to annoy friends and family." Well, the company's third-right.

— Dan Jones, Site Editor, Light Reading Mobile

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