LR Launches 'Light Pages' Directory

NEW YORK -- Light Reading (www.lightreading.com), the premier resource for news and analysis of next-generation networks, today launched the “Light Pages” directory – a guide to the technologies and vendors that form the axis of the optical networking industry. Light Pages is based on an entirely new directory model. Rather than hosting product data on the Light Reading site (the standard “buyer's guide” approach), the Light Pages directory is designed to lead buyers to the product information on vendors’ own Websites. “Light Reading recognizes that the most detailed product information exists out there on the Internet – on the Websites that companies have built themselves – and the Light Pages directory is designed from the ground up to link our 850,000 readers to that information in the shortest time possible,” says Stephen Saunders, one of Light Reading’s founding editors. “Traditional print buyer’s guides are out of date before they come out, but the Light Pages’ Web-based design means that the information within it is always au courant,” says Warren Hultquist, Director of Web Operations at Light Reading. “Plus, we don’t have to chop down a bunch of trees in order to publish it.” The Light Pages is promoted on the Light Reading home page. To make it easier for users to find the companies and product data they need, the directory allows them to parse their searches according to a variety of parameters. These are carefully designed to make sense of bewilderingly complicated next-generation networking technology. In fact, they’re based on the same definitions used in Light Reading’s own definitive Optical Networking Taxonomy – which has been downloaded more than 1 million times since it was first published in February 2001. More than 300 companies are already listed in the Light Pages directory. A standard listing is free. Light Reading also has developed a number of paid packages that allow vendors to increase the number of potential customers that come to their site.
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