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LR Creates Ethernet Services Directory

What promises to be the first detailed picture of Ethernet service deployments around the globe is being compiled by Light Reading for a directory aimed at helping enterprise users identify operators that can provide the services they want in the locations they need.

Details of 250 services have already been collected, and Light Reading is now widening its search by inviting service providers anywhere in the world to submit information for inclusion in the directory.

In order to do this, service providers need to click on this link to download a short questionnaire, complete it, and send it back to us by September 10. There is no charge for inclusion in the directory, which will form part of a new Website called “Next Generation Services” that Light Reading will launch in the coming weeks.

Entries so far indicate that it’s still early days for Ethernet services. Although a lot of operators now have commercial services, most of them are rudimentary point-to-point offerings provided over existing Sonet/SDH infrastructure.

Relatively few operators are offering more advanced types of Ethernet service, which Light Reading classifies as converged access and multipoint. With converged access, operators provide an Ethernet access line over which various services –- Internet access, voice over IP, IP VPNs, security services, and so on –- are offered. With multipoint services, users typically get a virtual private LAN service (VPLS), provided over an MPLS, packet-based backbone.

Light Reading's planned directory will provide interactive, global listings for prospective customers: Users will be able to pick from the three service types then select cities where they require coverage. That will call up a shortlist of suppliers who meet their criteria in the form of a table giving further information, including contact details and links to more detailed service descriptions.

This is an extension of the Boardwatch ISP directory, which lists services offered by thousands of North American ISPs. Further directories, including one covering voice over IP, are planned.

— Nicole Willing, Reporter, Light Reading

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