Lohan, Internap in Cohoots

3:30 PM -- If you get lonely over the long weekend, stop by Contentinople:

  • In CDN Wrap, Part Two:

      – Following the traffic spike on NYMag.com caused by Lindsey Lohan's attempt to evoke the definitive blonde bombshell, Marilyn Monroe, New York magazine decided to go with Internap as its CDN.
      – The Abacast/FutureStream partnership goes to China with dollar signs in their eyes.
      – BitTorrent teams with Orb in hopes of taking its content beyond the desktop.
      – Ed Lover picks IVNet to serve up his online presence.

  • Brightcove is forming a subsidiary in Japan, spurred by the country's high rate of broadband penetration and mobile video deployment. The company plans to sell its U.S. offerings (in Japanese) and "to learn what works over there."

And in today's News Bits: After suffering from a lack of direction, (and receiving almost $40 million in investment), Akimbo shuts down for good. Zune admits defeat, and Joost Beta comes out. — The Staff, Contentinople

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