Logan's Runoff

2:00 PM -- Despite efforts to allow competitive WiFi hotspots to open up at Boston's Logan airport the message to the humble traveler appears to remain: "My way, or no superhighway." (See FCC to Logan: You're Grounded.)

I tried to log on at Logan on my way back to NYC after WiMax World but the "Loganwifi" 802.11 network sent me to me to a splash screen that demanded $7.95 before I got to check my email. Take my credit card details? Over what the Windows XP WiFi connectivity manager says is an "unsecured wireless network." Not bloody likely! Especially considering what I'd just spent on food and drink at the airport.

There were two other WiFi connections visible in the area but one looked to be another hapless jetsetter trying to get connected and the other promised "Free Public WiFi" over an unsecured computer-to-computer connection. I decided not to chance this one despite my desire to get to my email.

What a contrast it all is to the JetBlue terminal in JFK. There you can get instantly connected over a free hotspot from the airline, which has also made good on its promise to deliver satellite radio on its flights.

Somebody should explain to the authorities at Logan that people are happy to spend more time at the airport if they get free WiFi. In fact, they might even spend more on the unexciting food and drink options.

— Dan Jones, Site Editor, Unstrung

Pete Baldwin 12/5/2012 | 3:38:41 PM
re: Logan's Runoff Update: San Jose's airport has free wi-fi now.

At least that's true in the "C" terminal (the old one, that's going to be plowed under when the new terminal gets built), where I am right now.

Chances are, that's a sign that the glitzy new terminal will have free wifi too. Huzzah!

The connection is relatively slow because everybody and their brother is using it, but it's not unbearable. Better, in fact, than at many trade shows.
Pete Baldwin 12/5/2012 | 3:37:29 AM
re: Logan's Runoff San Jose's airport doesn't have free WiFi either, so I feel your pain, Dan.

You know which airport has free Wifi? BOISE. Boise, Idaho. Makes you want to both laugh and cry.
lrmobile_rusty 12/5/2012 | 3:37:20 AM
re: Logan's Runoff Rapid City has free Wi-Fi, too. Gainesville, FL as well.

My guess is that these smaller airports are under the radar of the big hotspot providers. When T-Mobile, Concourse or Wayport approaches a larger airport with fancy looking revenue projections, it's got to be hard to say "No".

One tip I can give is that the Continental President's Club generally has free Wi-Fi. When I go in these I sometimes see leeches sitting on the floor outside the entrace mooching off their free Wi-Fi.
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