Literal Lunacy

7:00 PM -- Moon Publicity wants to boldly go where no execrable, loathsome weasel totally lacking in scruples has gone before:

    New Shadow Shaping technology creates images on the moon that can be seen from Earth. Robots are used to create several small ridges in the lunar dust over large areas that capture shadows and shape them to form logos, domains names or memorials.
Now, don't go thinking this madcap scheme is all about money. On the contrary, Dear Reader, it's about saving mankind... as the Moonies' mission statement explains:

    Many people are strongly opposed to creating commercial images on the Moon. We would feel the same way if it were solely for monetary gain.

    However, consider the big picture. What is the biggest problem in the world? Is it hunger? Is it illness? Is it war? No. The largest problem is the inevitable extinction of the human species. The other problems don’t matter in a universe without people. Any number of global catastrophes could and eventually will end live on Earth. It could be a collision with an asteroid, a deadly virus, a nuclear war, a supervolcano, a hypernova explosion or our own sun eventually SWALLOWING THE EARTH.

[oomph added]
    Space travel is more than just footprints and flags; it is vital to our survival. Just as we back up hard drives in case they crash, we need to back up mankind on other worlds.

    Who will do it? Governments? Forty years ago man walked on the Moon. Where have we walked since? It is time that we find a way. Creating images on the Moon provides a commercial incentive for turbo charging space travel technology. Shadows are only the beginning. These advancements will eventually place robots on other worlds building space stations and planting crops.

    The full Moon will always be the same. Shadow Shaping only works during partial phases of the Moon using shadows that blend with its natural beauty. If shadows form a logo during a quarter moon, it will be a small price to pay for saving mankind.
Great idea. Romantic even. Just so long as they don't allow cigarette advertising...

A small price to pay for saving mankind

— Larry, Attack Monkey, Light Reading

Larry, Monkey 12/5/2012 | 4:00:02 PM
re: Literal Lunacy

If you'll recall, we've seen similar attempts to save mankind before (from Bnet):

In 1993, a company called Space Marketing Inc based in Georgia announced plans to place mile-long, half-mile-wide advertising 'billboards' in orbit. This would be 'a tremendous opportunity for a global-oriented company to have their logo and message seen by billions of people on a history-making, "high profile" advertising vehicle,' declared Mike Lawson, chief executive officer of Space Marketing Inc.

Space Marketing Inc named its placard 'The Environmental Billboard' because 'not only will it carry a message, but it will actually help the environment,' said Lawson. The stretch of reflective mylar plastic, supported by 'thin wall plastic tubes,' would include 'ozone reading sensors... to continuously monitor the condition of the earth's delicate protective ozone layer,' he said.

The first such billboard was to be in place in time for the 1996 Summer Olympics in Atlanta, Georgia, near the headquarters of Space Marketing Inc.

But environmentalists, astronomers and several US public officials didn't like the scheme at all and mounted a campaign that - after seven years - culminated last year in the US Congress passing and President Bill Clinton signing a law banning 'obtrusive space advertising'. The law defines 'obtrusive space advertising [as] advertising in outer space that is capable of being recognised by a human being on the surface of the Earth without the aid of a telescope or other technological device.'

Is that law not still in effect? Or does it have loopholes you could drive a lunar module through?

Then there was the giant KFC logo in the Nevada desert, which we've written about before, but that was merely targeted at aliens. Tentacle-lickin' good!

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