Links Laughs

6:10 PM -- DANA POINT, Calif. -- There were plenty of laughs last night at Links 2005, Heavy Reading's annual executive summit.

The post-dinner entertainement was provided by Chicago comedian Tim Walkoe, who can tell jokes faster than Terrell Owens can alienate his teamates.

Walkoe took on everything from Southern living to technical support ("they could never have that CSI Miami show based in Arkansas -- cause all the DNA is the same"). He even threw in a few telecom jokes:

"I wanted to order DSL but I talked to a dyslexic hippie. He gave me LSD instead," said Walkoe.

"I have a computer. I have a Commodore64 and Windows58 XP. When I called technical support, they asked me what was wrong. I said let's start with the bullet hole in the screen."

Walkoe plays guitar in his routine. You can see that here.

— R. Scott Raynovich, US Editor, Light Reading

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