LinkedIn Gets More Cash

4:55 PM -- Today on Contentinople:

  • Goldman, The McGraw-Hill Companies, SAP Ventures, and Bessemer Venture Partners throw more money at LinkedIn -- $22.7 million, to be exact.

  • Netflix signed a deal to extend its streaming video service to two Samsung Blu-ray disc players -- the BD-P2500 and BD-P2550 models.

  • ImageSpan's LicenseStream Creater Pro service can now track down unlicensed digital content.

  • Content from CinemaNow and Jaman is now available on TiVo DVRs... finally.

And in today's News Bits, MySpace music now boasts 2 million independent label tracks.

— The Staff, Contentinople

gbmorrison 12/5/2012 | 3:28:56 PM
re: LinkedIn Gets More Cash LinkedIn has raised $77M in four months time?? I mean, it's great especially now to see some optimism in the market, but I also get this woeful feeling we're staring right at the social networking VC bubble bursting.
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