Limelight Chooses FastSoft

FastSoft Inc. nabbed a new customer this morning, with the announcement that Limelight Networks Inc. (Nasdaq: LLNW) will be deploying its E Series Internet accelerators to speed up large file delivery.

The news comes as some validation for FastSoft's strategy of targeting content delivery networks (CDNs) by offering them a way to speed up large file delivery with its FastTCP technology. FastTCP increases the performance of large file transfers with advanced algorithms that react to network slowdowns more quickly and elegantly than traditional TCP file transfers.

"We always thought our technology was widely extensible to a number of different industries," says Dan Henderson, vice president of marketing at FastSoft. The company has a number of customers in media and entertainment that use its Internet acceleration devices for some applications like transfers of large files to post-production facilities.

But Henderson says the company believes the technology is applicable for "companies that distribute content on behalf of other people" -- like, for instance, CDNs.

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— Ryan Lawler, Contentinople

Honestly 12/5/2012 | 3:26:50 PM
re: Limelight Chooses FastSoft These guys are pretty near ready to go into court again. This time with Level 3. Anyone hear anything about the LLNW Markman hearing to determine which of L3's patents will be argued.?

LLNW better do more with FastSoft', or someones equipment, or they will be paying debt until they are bone picked by AKAM, L3, or ATT.

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