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Podcast: Windstream's managed services moves

In the market for managed services, traditional telcos are on a journey to provide the right mix of business services that support an increasingly mobile workforce.

Scott Yelton and Mike Frane from Windstream Enterprise join Light Reading's Phil Harvey and Kelsey Ziser on the podcast to discuss how Windstream's approach to managed services, unified communications and SD-WAN continues to change as the enterprise workforce becomes more mobile.

The Windstream execs explain how their company is revamping its communications and SD-WAN services portfolio and evolving from being a traditional telco to a true managed services provider.

"Windstream's use of video content collaboration tools increased by 360% just between 2018 and 2019," says Yelton. "If we are even setting the example, the market isn't too far behind … the environment for delivery is changing. It's not just 'is your corporate LAN equipped with all the right security settings to handle the unit communication service?' Now anywhere they are, [our customers] expect it to work."

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— Kelsey Kusterer Ziser, Senior Editor, Light Reading

Kelsey Ziser 2/6/2020 | 3:51:52 PM
Re: TPX We didn't cover that in this podcast, but we have written articles about TPx's approach to SD-WAN, for example.
brooks7 2/6/2020 | 11:28:38 AM
TPX Any comparison of Windstream and its managed services and TPx (formerly Telepacific Communications) managed services?

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