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Podcast: Orange Business Services CEO on becoming a network-native, digital service provider

Orange Business Services is getting a facelift – reinventing itself from a traditional telco to a "network-native digital services company."

In this episode of the podcast, Light Reading's Phil Harvey and Kelsey Ziser are joined by Helmut Reisinger, CEO of Orange Business Services. The IT and integration side of Orange has been touting its credentials as an option for enterprises that need help managing multi-cloud environments in an era when "data is becoming a key production or value-creator for enterprises," says Reisinger.

He weighs in on what it means to be network-native, how OBS stands out from its competition and what a company that size does to prepare for the business impact of the new coronavirus, and the reality that we're all suddenly a lot less mobile.

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— Kelsey Kusterer Ziser, Senior Editor, Light Reading

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