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Playlist: CxO Spotlight

Here's our running list of links for video interviews and episodes from the Light Reading Podcast featuring CxOs across the global communications industry. Got anyone you want to hear from more – or someone you never want to hear from again? Drop us a line and let us know at [email protected]


Listen: Executive Spotlight Q&A: Flexible, Cloud Native Networking is Here
(Guest: Dave Ward, CEO, PacketFabric)

Listen: Brightcove CEO braces for the next big shift in streaming
(Guest: Marc DeBevoise, CEO, Brightcove)

Listen: Infinera CEO David Heard talks chips (and sciences)
(Guest: David Heard, CEO, Infinera)

Listen: Lumen CTO on automating and standardizing network infrastructure
(Guest: Andrew Dugan, CTO, Lumen Technologies)

Listen: Dell's CTO on building broadband and private 5G networks
(Guest: John Roese, global CTO, Dell Technologies)

Listen: Plume CTO on why Amazon has the inside track on IoT brand loyalty
(Guest: Bill McFarland, CTO, Plume)

Listen: Juniper CTO on a more efficient 5G future
(Guest: Raj Yavatkar, CTO, Juniper)

Listen: Indiana's Hoosier Net takes a crack at beefing up the middle-mile
(Guest: Rob Shema, CEO, Hoosier Net, Independents Fiber Network in Ohio and Com Net Inc.)

Watch: CostQuest counts 23-25M homes, businesses unserved or underserved by broadband
(Guest: James Stegeman, CEO, CostQuest)

Listen: Nextlink plugs the power of 6GHz for fixed wireless access
(Guest: Claude Aiken, chief strategy officer and chief legal officer, Nextlink Internet)

Watch: NSC's Joe Kochan: Unlocking new tech possibilities with spectrum
(Guest: Joe Kochan, CEO, US Ignite)

Listen: The Cable Center CEO on how the industry must innovate from within to drive change
(Guest: Diane Christman, CEO, The Cable Center)

Listen: IQ Fiber's CTO talks about the startup's fiber foray in Florida
(Guest: Aamer Abbasi, CEO, IQ Fiber)

Listen: Tarana CEO Basil Alwan: Making WTF moments in FWA
(Guest: Basil Alwan, CEO, Tarana Wireless)

Listen: Juniper CEO: The new networking – experience, speed and scale
(Guest: Rami Rahim, CEO, Juniper Networks)

Listen: Akamai CTO: All access is remote access
(Guest: Robert Blumofe, EVP and CTO, Akamai)

Watch: Intelsat CTO: Taking 5G to space (and back)
(Guest: Bruno Fromont, CTO, Intelsat)

Watch: PMC CEO David Somo: MEMs the word
(Guest: David Somo, president and CEO, Preciseley Microtechnology Corporation)

Watch: Lynk CEO Charles Miller: The sky's the limit
(Guest: Charles Miller, CEO, Lynk)

Watch: BT's Marc Allera: 5G's progress has been encouraging
(Guest: Marc Allera, CEO of BT's Consumer Division)

Listen: Sandvine's CSO warns of terabyte 'power' users
(Guest: Samir Marwaha, chief strategy officer, Sandvine)

Listen: NTT Security's Greg Garten on cleaning up 'dirty networks'
(Guest: Greg Garten, CTO, NTT Security)

Listen: 10G, FARMSIS and the future of cable broadband
(Guest: Phil McKinney, president and CEO, CableLabs)

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