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Light Reading Launches Chip Survey

Light Reading today launched a project aimed at getting the telecom industry to collaborate in the creation of a comprehensive directory of chip manufacturers.

The first stage requires input from semiconductor manufacturers themselves, who are invited to check out the report -- Who Makes What: Electronic Chips -- and propose additions, revisions, or deletions, either on the message board or by email.

The report sets out a preliminary taxonomy of telecom chips, listing a total of 15 product categories, one per page. Each page defines the chip in question and lists suppliers.

Although our intention is to list all suppliers, we're almost sure to have overlooked some, so please point to omissions. Likewise point to any vendors that have expired or been acquired. And feel free to suggest further product categories, or modifications to definitions. We'll undertake to update the report regularly to take account of comments.

This is a sequel to a similar report categorizing telecom equipment, published earlier this year (see Who Makes What: Equipment 2003). As with this previous report, we plan to refine the list of product categories and suppliers and then use it as the basis of a Heavy Reading market perception survey. The goal is to rank chip vendors in each product category in terms of name recognition and in terms of what proportion of their potential customers view them as market leaders in terms of price, performance, and so on.

The end result promises to deliver unique insights into the telecom chip market, judging by the previous market perception survey of telecom equipment, which garnered responses from no fewer than 770 carrier employees (see Heavy Reading Surveys Telecom Vendors).

— Peter Heywood, Founding Editor, Light Reading

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