Li Finally Quits Procket

Tony Li appears to have finally quit Procket Networks Inc., the much-watched router company he founded. He broke the news in typical fashion, by posting a message on Light Reading late last night (see Re: The Daily Tony Report).

Coincidentally (?), the message is posted on a board relating to an article published in April 2002, covering rumors of Li's possible departure. In the article, an email from Li is quoted, in which he writes: "That rumor is patently false. I'm still exceedingly busy and have numerous responsibilities." (See Bigwigs out of Procket? )

Li made it clear in January that he was leaving Procket (see Li Quits Procket). Last night, he added a message to this article as well, addressing the pressing question: Is Tony Li GOD?. (His opinion? "No.")

Procket has not announced Li's departure, and Li is still listed as Procket's founder and chief scientist on its Website. Procket was unavailable for comment at press time, and Li hadn't responded to an email to his Procket address.

— Peter Heywood, Founding Editor, Light Reading

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lightbulb0 12/5/2012 | 2:14:07 AM
re: Li Finally Quits Procket is that something worth bragging about?
Stevery 12/5/2012 | 2:14:07 AM
re: Li Finally Quits Procket [VC capital] poured in as a result of Toni's high profile. The very PR hype which you now chose to discount.

Agreed. People hate the fact that originality often begins with 1 or 2 people. They bemoan that fact, and counter with something lame and irrelevant that it takes hoards of engineers to accomplish anything.

But they can't understand the fundamentals of what it takes to get something rolling. So they'll take it and roll it for a while, and then wonder why the rolling slows down, usually into slow death.

Good luck Tony. I understood that it took both great originality and the team. Not too many understand that both are required for true success.
sigint 12/5/2012 | 2:14:07 AM
re: Li Finally Quits Procket Sharad:
Tony, Farewell -- LR please stop this PR lunacy!
_snip_raising more venture capital than God_snip_

I can empathise with the anguish. However, do hazard a guess - if you can - as to how much of the venture capital (which by your own asertion surpasses divine proportions) poured in as a result of Toni's high profile. The very PR hype which you now chose to discount.
sigint 12/5/2012 | 2:14:06 AM
re: Li Finally Quits Procket lightbulb:
is that something worth bragging about?

In the original email to employess (when this news broke) he describes anguish over (unelaborated) reasons. Where did you see the bragging?

If you are talking about the post in lightreading about his departure - there's history to it. A couple of years back when rumours of his departure where rife, he'd post daily reports about his continued presence.

I thought the last post was poignant, appearing on a thread that had died two years back.
coreghost 12/5/2012 | 2:14:02 AM
re: Li Finally Quits Procket Dear Procket Employees,

For the last 5 years, your company has focused
its entire customer strategy on selling Tony
Li to potential customers rather than your
product. Don't bother to try and rewrite
history to make this not true because those
of us who have been through your presentations
know better.

Sharad, you can pretend that Tony left to
pursue other opportunities, but nobody is
stupid enough to listen to nonsense like that
outside of Procket.

Now that Tony is gone, you want to focus on your
"great" product and your "amazing" team. Ok.

You have built a product that its not clear
anyone even wants. It has no particular advantage
in the marketplace and nothing especially
compelling about it. It doesn't have the features
for edge and it doesn't really have the features
for core either. There isn't much of anything
to stand out about it at all.

You have wasted so much money its almost
beyond comprehension. In every area, you picked
the most expensive choice in engineering. Going
out and doing all-custom ASICs was crazy. And
for all the big names you have writing software,
they don't seem to be very productive in turning
out the features Procket needed. But wait! They
were off pursuing that suicidal NOT-INVENTED-HERE
strategy that everyone is so proud of.

As far as your team, you might want to consider
that your team has been at each other's throats
for a good deal of procket's history. The
company started with two visions of what it was
building, walked blindly into a hardware
disaster, and then "fixed" the problem by
getting rid of most of the hardware people.
Then it was the turn of the business people.
You got rid of all of them. Then it was finally
Tony's turn to get the axe.

So what of the team survives? A bunch of
whiny "big name" routing guys who are too
important to work a full time schedule and
who don't understand how a budget works.
Its all free money to them. And if what they
build can't be sold. Well, its not their
problem. They produced a great product and
its everyone elses fault and the investors should
dump in another hundred million.

Light Reading bent over backwards for Procket.
But if you build your company up around Tony,
you can't start whining that people are unfair
when he leaves. Light Reading has gone out of
its way to blindly accept every give-away deal
and every storage agreeement (see japan) as if
they were real customer wins.

If you want some outside comments on Procket,
I'll give you four word: Arrogance and
closed minds.

And as far as things you guys are best at,
I suggest you rejoin the blame game Sharad.
Because in six months Procket is going to need
someone new to throw out the window and blame
for whatever is wrong.

dwdm2 12/5/2012 | 2:13:59 AM
re: Li Finally Quits Procket "... Ms Russo, Mr Li posts regularly on our message boards, using his actual for-real name."

Aha! That explains why LU is going the way it is going, at least partly.
beltway_light 12/5/2012 | 2:13:56 AM
re: Li Finally Quits Procket coreghost,

Why attack procket at this time when tli
is leaving? are you afraid of some competition
in this router space? could you also enlight
us what kind of core router features they
are still missing?

I don't work for procket, but know a little
about their products. I do think they still
have chance in today's core router market.
At least they keep Cisco and Juniper honest.
OpticOm 12/5/2012 | 2:13:55 AM
re: Li Finally Quits Procket Procket may have an evolutionary product, that cannot compete against Cisco or Juniper, because of their size/support/channels and such, completely different than pure technical differentiators.
The real revolutionary company in the routing space died last year-I am talking about Allegro...
I think it will suicidal for any start-up to try a core routing product any time soon, this is why Procket will have a hellish time ahead of them.

Indy_lite 12/5/2012 | 2:13:53 AM
re: Li Finally Quits Procket
The real revolutionary company in the routing space died last year-I am talking about Allegro...

I don't see anything revolutionary with Allegro. Virtual router concept is nothing new (Cisco already has it), but any customer will ever use this VR thing for their VPN ? No way. Allegro died for a good reason.
fiberous 12/5/2012 | 2:13:52 AM
re: Li Finally Quits Procket Procket was formed by a bunch of crud from Sun
Microelectronics (the SPARC gurus) who thought
they knew everything there is to know about
chip design. This were the parekh-clan left
after Raj Parekh exited Sun

A few other jokers were like "bob Ha" from Sun
were given amzaing management titles at
procket (or a scoket at procket)
Folks, in the Sun Networking Products
Group know how good "Bob Howard Anderson - aka
Bob Ha" was. He was the guy who though Sun
should build Ethernet switches - what an idiot!

The smucks got hold of an infantile genius like
TLI and got the sand hill monkeys all excited
and hrony. Then they ahd a cluster x.

Now, these monkeys sit grooming others waiting
for action.

They will get a new management (plenty of those
available these days - both local and offshore)
and perhaps change the outlook to a SW only
company. What else do they have left?
They started with chip, then figured no one
can afford it or trust it to have an empty socket
in their router. So, they said they are systems.
Now what?

Next time the VC should check if the glow around
a person is halo or lethal radio active radiation
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