Levi's Connect and Protect

Casual trousers. That's the fashion statement for 2003, believes Levi Strauss & Co., the king of the denim strides. But while that may sound a little out of date, the jeans firm is certainly up-to-date with modern concerns when it comes to housing the latest in personal hardware.

Next year's Levi's Dockers line (the spring/summer collection, no less) is dubbed S-Fit. This not only "fuses Dockers heritage in khakis with stunning innovations in ergonomic design and fabric technology," (honest) it "is the first trouser to completely re-evaluate what today's consumer requires from their clothing."

This includes protection against any radioactive damage your mobile phone could do to your reproductive system while it sits in your pocket. One of the "numerous radical design breakthroughs" includes "a separate, zipped pocket designed for mobile phones. This pocket has protective lining that may reduce possible health risks."

Are those the health risks from having the handset on extra vibrate mode? We think not. Well done, then, to Levi's for devising a marketing strategy that combines the latest in health scare tactics with a "new Clean Fabric System [that] completely repels all liquids." [Ed. note: eeeeeeewww!]

— Ray Le Maistre, European Editor, Unstrung

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