Leave It to Beaver!

3:30 PM -- Reuters reminds us that stuffed animals are generally not outlaws, even in Germany:

    Armed police went into action in the German city of Wuppertal after a woman reported seeing a masked criminal -- but having rushed to the scene, they were surprised to find not a crook, but a large stuffed toy.

Eek! Even worse! Someone get Buzz Lightyear, stat!

    Armed officers arrived in three cars and surrounded the van. What they found was a large toy beaver, strapped into the passenger seat.

Whew! Thank God he was strapped in. Safety first.

    A police spokesman said he struggled to see how the toy, which has two oversized front teeth, could have been mistaken for a person.

Yes... Never mind the creature's immobility, furred body, and enormous tail. It's the teeth that should have clued her in.

— Red Handed Panda, Light Reading

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