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6:00 PM -- A few things you should see before tacking a Happy Hour on the end of your Blue Monday:
  1. Eslambolchi's Law: Telecom complexity is not just a good idea; it's the law.

    The former CTO of (the old) AT&T, Hossein Eslambolchi, is speaking this week at the TM Forum's Management World on the subject of how service providers can reduce costs, increase efficiency, and improve reliability. We suspect his talk will go heavy on highlighting the current IP network's flaws when it comes to content delivery and network management, which can be improved with better routing analytics. He is, after all, founder and chairman of Divvio Inc. , and his venture firm, 2020 Venture Partners LLC, is an investor in Packet Design. He's also an adviser to the OSS firm, Intelliden Corp. (See Eslambolchi Hatches Content Search Startup and Eslambolchi Advises Intelliden.)

    But will his talk include the release of another Top Ten list? Someone who still has a travel budget comment below and let me know.

  2. ZTE: Chinese equipment maker is locating its Western office in that distinctly Western city of Paris, where they can be assured no one will be hungry or tired.

  3. Twitter Fight!: John Taylor of Sprint and John Czwartacki of Verizon recently tussled over whether Verizon is just getting rid of copper so it doesn't have to share with CLECs. Sample tweet from Sprint's Taylor: "Last time I checked, with Special access, Verizon has 100% of PHL, 95.7% of NYC & 97.9% of BOS mkts. Where is the backhaul competition?"

    Why I like this: Watching public policy folks fight it out on C-SPAN or on some industry panel puts me right into a coma. On Twitter, at least they have to be concise.

  4. Google: Google rented a bunch of goats to clear a field of grass and brush. No story here, just adding that previous sentence to a list of phrases I thought I'd never write while covering technology.

  5. Dumb, Funny, Viral: May your breakfast never be this edgy or stylized:

Breakfast As Directed by Michael Bay -- powered by Cracked.com

— Phil Harvey, Editor-in-Chief, Light Reading

JohnTaylor 12/5/2012 | 4:05:18 PM
re: Last Call

Phil --

John Czwartacki is one of my favorite competitors in telecommunications because he has a deep understanding of the public policy issues before the FCC and the Congress. When Verizon and Sprint disagree, I can always count on John for a spirited debate.

In my view, debate is what leads to a better public policy. Through online communications, the public can watch more carefully and more closely as policy s developed. In my view, that sunshine is helpful.

But speaking of sunshine, both John (@CZ) and I (@jbtaylor) are open about our Twitter screen names, what is yours? ;-)

Say hello next time!


John Taylor / [email protected]

Public Affairs
Sprint Nextel Corp.

DCITDave 12/5/2012 | 4:05:17 PM
re: Last Call


Of course, you're doing it all for the public good and for that, we thank you.

I'm piloting http://twitter.com/Light_Reading at the moment. My personal acct. is offline for a bit, but it'll be back soon.


rsachdev 12/5/2012 | 4:05:13 PM
re: Last Call


Your readers can download the Hossein Eslambolchi's presentation (The Power of Technology in Business Transformation) from Intelliden's website.  Please look under the Webinars / Presentations section on the following page http://www.intelliden.com/reso...

Incidentally Hossein has some interesting ideas and experiences from his days at AT&T e.g. the Concept of One, Zero and None. Ultimately he believes that it would be very hard for any Telco to transform itself without first reducing their complexity (organizational, service, IT and network).


Rahul Sachdev

VP Marketing, Intelliden

[email protected]



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