Last Call

7:30 PM -- A few items for your reading pleasure:

1) RETRACTION: It turns out Tellabs does indeed still have a corporate blog, and they are indeed updating it, contrary to what I reported yesterday.

My RSS reader was apparently pointed at an old server and the address never updated. So bad on me for assuming the worst (while surfing an abandoned server).

2) Now that Facebook has 200 million users, the FCC says broadband is no longer a luxury and the agency wants public input on a national broadband plan.

It's the right message for the wrong millenium. Back in December 1998, when Amazon.com stock was $400 a copy, this economic miracle -- widespread broadband access -- was not exactly on the front burner.

Now that WiMax and LTE might make this whole conversation moot, the FCC wants to help.

3) More bits of Nortel are reportedly for sale. This could get interesting (again).

— Phil Harvey, Editor-in-Chief, Light Reading

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