Larry Imperils Bananas

11:30 AM -- Sometimes this stuff writes itself. Well, actually someone at Reuters wrote it, as it appeared today in Scotsman.com. It's yet another sordid tale of conscienceless monsters profiteering in the wake of a devastating natural disaster... a natural disaster, mind you, name of Larry:
    Three months after a cyclone devastated Australia's banana crop, some growers have reported a new threat -- banana rustlers.

    The slippery thieves have been stealing bunches off trees in the northeast of New South Wales to take advantage of sky-rocketing prices after crops further north were decimated by Tropical Cyclone Larry in March...

    "It's basically only going to be opportunists taking advantage of the high prices," Nicky Singh, a Coffs Harbour farmer and vice-president of the Australian Banana Growers Council, told Reuters by telephone on Wednesday...

    Cyclone Larry devastated as much as 80 percent of Australia's banana crop...
Monkey Larry devastated the other 20 percent.

— Larry, Attack Monkey, Light Reading

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