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Kodak Debuts WiFi Frame

5:00 PM -- About a year ago I met a couple of Boulder-area entrepreneurs who'd come up with a very cool idea: a WiFi picture frame that links to your laptop or desktop and can shuffle through your entire photo library on a continuous basis. Called PhotoVu, the company is now in the classic TiVo position: selling an innovative specialty product with big competitors moving into the space.

Kodak now has its own WiFi-enabled display device, the EasyShare EX-1011 Digital Picture Frame. You can display photos from a memory card, a computer, a digital camera, or just store them on the frame's 128 MBytes of internal memory. The thing even has built-in speakers so you can add a soundtrack to the photos from your trip to DisneyWorld.

Due to ship in March, the Kodak frame sells for $280 (10" frame) and $220 (8"). PhotoVu sells a 10.4" version for $209, plus 17" ($799) and 19" ($999) frames.

The word from PhotoVu's Nederland, Colo., shop is that they have more orders than they can process. Maybe it's time for a licensing deal to one of the online photo-management companies, or an acquisition?

— Richard Martin, Senior Editor, Unstrung

SamCostello 12/5/2012 | 3:10:00 PM
re: Kodak Debuts WiFi Frame Kodak's frames look great. I'm looking forward to gettng my hands on one. Folks who are interested in it may be interested in my interview with Tom Berarducci, an exec at Kodak overseeing frames: http://www.wirelesspicturefram...
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