Kentucky Karaoke Krisis

4:30 PM -- Very upsetting news from WKYT in Kentucky:

    No karaoke singing, and no dancing. It sounds like the movie "footloose," and it could happen in Danville.

What! No! Nobody puts baby in the corner! Oh, wait... wrong mindless movie...

    City officials are looking at the proposed ordinance, as part of a review of the city's alcohol policies. Some officials say the issue is when there is karaoke and dancing in restaurants, it creates crowds and more of a bar type atmosphere. They say it's not what the city wants.

Finally... a city that pays attention to the real issues. I certainly don't want to have to raise children in a world where there are tipsy Japanese business men channeling Frank Sinatra.

    At this point, it's only a proposal. Many residents say it's too harsh. At the same time, Danville officials are also considering allowing alcohol sales on Sunday.

That's right... Take yer drunken, singin' ass to church where it belongs!

— Red Panda, Light Reading

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