Keep Your PBX Dry

3:30 PM -- I know hurricanes are a boon to generator salesmen. But hosted PBX hawkers? Who knew?

Note this pitch from today's PR pile:

Harprit Singh of Intellicomm is available to speak about how every business can prepare to quickly and easily get their communication capabilities back on track after a disaster. For example, Hosted PBX can in fact be used as a disaster recovery telecommunications system. Imagine a company or municipality who has just lost their facilities, but can simply forward their main phone number to a supplied Hosted PBX system and set up individual extensions for each of their employees that can be routed to any location- cell phones, home phones etc. Even voicemails and faxes can still be received if individuals have access to remote email. In a matter of hours, the company’s outside contact is immediately reestablished.

I'm going to dry off and call him right now.

— Phil Harvey, News Editor, Light Reading

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