Kane and Unstable

1:00 AM – Making a million bucks is easy. Even a kid can do it.

From this morning's PR pile, more proof that homeschoolers should get some fresh air every now and then:

Borrowing the idea from Alex Tew's Million Dollar Home Page, Kane and Blake Pree have started www.thepixelkids.com. Blake is 7 years old and Kane is 9. They started the website as a homeschool project because their neighborhood would not allow a Kool-Aid stand...

The boys hope to earn some extra spending money and save for their college education. They are very excited about the new business. They also look forward to contributing to their blog each day.

And what did precious Blake share in his first blog post, on Jan. 15? Glad you asked:

I don’t feel so good about having my brother for a partner because I will have to share the profits.

Watch your back, Kane.

— Phil Harvey, Easy Money Editor, Light Reading

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