Joyeux Noël Orange

NOON -- Got this early e-Christmas e-card from Orange (NYSE: FTE) this morning:

    "Christmas like you've never seen it before" with Orange and "Arthur and the Minimoys"
Bien sur! An orange Christmas is indeed like I've "never seen it before." As for Arthur and friends -- if, like me, you hadn't heard of them, be assured, you will. You can get a sneak preview of this wonderful holiday treat (sure to become a seasonal classic) here. (And that's MiniMoy, not MiniMe. They seem to be shorter.)

But there's more Yuletide joy on its way from our French amis:

    Orange is launching a major communication and event campaign, including storefront displays, an advertising campaign, special events, games and thousands of free cinema tickets to be won, for a Christmas like never before!
A holiday-crap marketing onslaught? Sacré Orange! Now, there's a Christmas like never before! This could be bigger than myrrh.

They save the real threat for last, however:

    A high-definition Christmas for a sharper view of the world.
Thank you, no. By longstanding tradition my Christmases have been somewhat blurry. Do not need Aunt Emma and her fruitcake in high definition.

— Orange Panda, Humbug, Light Reading

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