John Muir Spins in His Grave

NOON -- The Environmental News Network helps clarify the difference between an asshole and an artist:

    Mark McGowan went into the tiny backroom kitchen of a south London gallery three weeks ago and flipped on the cold water.

    He didn't turn it off, and doesn't plan to for an entire year.

    "The Running Tap," as it's called, is McGowan's effort to protest against wasted water in London by blatantly letting it go down the drain.

    "When you've got the tap on at home, you don't think about it. That's why this is art, because it makes people consider it..."

    McGowan previously participated in equally audacious exhibitions including sitting in a bathtub of baked beans with french fries in his nose to support the full English breakfast, and pushing a nut with his nose for seven miles to protest student debt.
How audacious! How original! When you're pushing a nut with your nose, you don't think about it. That's why this is art. Duh!

— Larry, Attack Monkey, Light Reading

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