Jitter Is Good (Update)

9:00 AM -- Following is an updated chart of the most readily available caffeinated beverages. My fellow buzz seekers pushed me to try Cocaine, which easily tops the chart with the most caffeine punch per liquid ounce.

For the record, Cocaine tasted about as strong as you'd imagine. It was not good, but it did work as advertised. I'm actually hovering over my desk right now.

Table 1: The Philter's Buzz Index
Product Serving Size (ounces) Milligrams of Caffeine Punch (Milligrams of Caffeine per Ounce)
Cocaine Energy Drink 8.4 277 32.98
7-Eleven, Inc.'s Fusion Energy Coffee 12 250 20.83
Starbuck's Coffee* 16 290 18.13
Starbuck's Doubleshot 6.5 105.7 16.26
Rockstar 16 160 10.00
Folger's** 6 59 9.83
Red Bull 8.3 80 9.64
Monster Energy Drink 16 140 8.75
SoBe No Fear 16 140 8.75
Amp 8.4 69.6 8.29
Starbuck's Mocha Frappuccino 9.5 71.8 7.56
Jolt Cola 12 72 6.00
Mountain Dew Live Wire 12 48.2 4.02
Mountain Dew 12 45.4 3.78
Diet Coke 12 38.2 3.18
Nestea Cool Lemon Iced Tea 12 11.5 0.96
Sources: 7-Eleven Inc., Folger's, The Journal of Analytical Toxicology, The Wall Street Journal, NBC News, and Consumer Reports

* For Starbuck's, I used the average caffeine measurement reported by five different major U.S. media outlets over the past 3 years

** This is based on the grocery store price of a canister that yielded 80 six-ounce servings. And, yes, I drank every cup

Hope you find the chart helpful. Let me know if there's anything else I should try to keep my eyes wide open and my heart racing through the work day.

— Phil Harvey, Person of the Year, Light Reading

DCITDave 12/5/2012 | 3:11:45 PM
re: Jitter Is Good (Update) That's the thing. I tried a couple of the places listed on the back and forth to telecom corridor. They were either sold out or not stocked.

sfwriter 12/5/2012 | 3:11:45 PM
re: Jitter Is Good (Update) If you're looking for Cocaine, there's a whole list of Texas dealers here:


Apparently it's not available in SF. Odd because I'm pretty sure the real thing is widely distributed in the Haight.
pavelz 12/5/2012 | 3:11:32 PM
re: Jitter Is Good (Update) Espresso 100 mg of caffeine per 1 serving (1.5-2oz) (says
that's 50 mg/oz at least. (the nrs from wikipeia, also from http://www.safehousecoffee.com....
I am sure that some have less, but still, that's your drink!
(it's likely that the 100 mg is the 3rd wave coffee; the 2nd wave (starbucks & similar) usually wastes 1/2 half of the shot on normal shot, or gets more than 2 oz if 'double-shot').
Ristreto is 0.75 oz, typically both spouts of the group - likely just a bit less caffeine but more per oz!
DCITDave 12/5/2012 | 3:11:29 PM
re: Jitter Is Good (Update) Yes, I'm trying to get a good number on a mainstream espresso like Starbuck's. They have machines that do all the work for the so-called baristas, so there's not as much variance as there used to be.

I'll let you know when I get some decent data.

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