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Jazztel, FON Collaborate

MADRID, Spain -- Jazztel and FON have signed a collaboration agreement in order to jointly study the commercial opportunities that could arise from offering the services of the latter using Jazztel’s infrastructure. Both companies will develop a product that will enable Jazztel’s customers to join the FON community, the users network that share their WiFi connections throughout the world.

In the first phase, Jazztel’s customers demanding this service will become what are called “Linus” users, those FON users that share their own WiFi connection in order to be able to connect to any FON access point for free. Jazztel/FON customers will have a minimum 50% of their broadband guaranteed in exclusivity, so they will continue to enjoy Jazztel’s voice, Internet and television services with the best quality.

This agreement is the most relevant one signed already to build the WiFi Planet. The new WiFi product will be available commercially in several weeks time. At the moment, Jazztel has 240.000 ADSL customers and continues its ADSL 2+ deployment, adding new central offices on a daily basis. As of today, Jazztel has 442 central offices in operation, with a direct coverage of over 11.7 million lines throughout Spain.

According to Jazztel’s Executive Committee President, Rafael Conejos, “Jazztel has understood its most advanced broadband Internet customers and is sensitive to its needs and demands. As a result, we are offering them wireless broadband Internet connection throughout the world. Additionally, our customers will not find that sharing their Internet connections diminishes the performance of their connection, as they enjoy the fastest ADSL connection in the Spanish market through our 20 Mb ADSL 2+ product.”

For Antonio Sáez, FON Spain Chief Executive Officer, “this is the first agreement with an ISP, out of the many that will be signed in the future, with an attractive business model for both the ISPs and FON users. This is the first step taken by FON to create the largest and most efficient WiFi network in Spain, created by and for its users.”

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